Founded in 1987, Sydenham Park Soccer Club is proud to be one of the premier community soccer clubs in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. The club continues to provide our players a fun filled experience in skill management, exercise, teamwork, leadership, discipline and fair play.

The club provides opportunities to senior players, female players and for junior players as young as 6 years of age.

The future is certainly looking bright for Sydenham Park Soccer Club.

The goals and objectives of Sydenham Park Soccer Club can be defined as follows:

  • To be a sought after destination in relation to player development, with benchmark measures in place at Sydenham Park Soccer Club in all aspects of coaching and junior development, refereeing and club administration.

  • Opportunities for all coaches, players, administrators and referees at the club to be able to develop to their potential.

  • To continue to promote the positive culture and leadership that is present at Sydenham Park Soccer Club.

  • Keen to promote as a strong community value our stance on non-violent behavior and positive role modelling for young people.

Towards 2020

The following outcomes reflect what Sydenham Park Soccer Club wants to achieve over the next five (5) years:

  • Financial stability and growth

  • NPL Entry in 2018

  • Increase levels of sponsorship and fundraising

  • Long term business partnering

  • Enhancement of our current facilities

  • Player membership growth and participation

  • Strong focus on coach and player development

  • Effective club governance and management practices

  • Volunteer management structure

  • Effective sport education programs

  • Greater level of support from the local community

 Our Mission

To drive excellence and success through ambition, passion and collaboration at all levels.

The creation of an institution promoting fair & equal opportunity to all, an institution that infinitely strives to advance its members.

To continually promote all that is righteous in the name of “Football”.