Our Juniors

Our Vision

During the past 30 years the Sydenham Park Soccer Club has embraced junior teams in every age category to ensure each and every child in our community not only has the opportunity to train with our FFA accredited and skilled coaches regularly, but to also ply their craft weekly during games to enhance their development and enjoyment of this universally beautiful game.

We deliver age and ability appropriate sessions for all genders that keep pace with the constant changes in the modern game whilst implementing our enthusiasm, strong values and beliefs that the game itself teaches life skills and respect for all, alongside skills learnt on the pitch.

The game in its purest form is itself the true teacher, and the dedicated coaches and staff at our prestigious club play a subordinate role to ensure all juniors develop to their maximum potential in a  safe and caring environment whilst at the same time enjoy their achievements, both collectively and as individuals before embarking on their lifelong journey within, or alongside the true world game.

We aim to provide an environment where players continue to develop their skills and are encouraged to play to their full potential. Our aim is to provide an environment of continuous improvement where players, coaches and managers continue to develop and improve each season. The junior players of the club provide the foundation for future senior teams.

Sydenham Park Soccer Club welcomes new members and wishes that all junior players and parents have a great experience meeting new friends and enjoying what is a fantastic sport.

Training Days

Wednesday and Friday

7:15PM to 8:30PM

Ground Location

Keilor Lodge Reserve

42 Robertsons Road

Taylors Lakes Victoria 3038